Cathay Cargo: Cathay Pacific’s Cargo Service Gets a New Brand Identity

Cathay recently announced the launch of Cathay Cargo, the newly rebranded cargo business that was formerly known as Cathay Pacific Cargo. This change aligns with the brand redesign and reinforces existing customer perceptions and brand associations. Cathay Cargo shares the same purpose, vision, and values as Cathay Pacific and Cathay Hong Kong.

Cathay Cargo
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As the company is planning towards a complete makeover in the future, this rebranding of Cathay’s cargo business is a significant step forward in the company’s ambition to ‘Move Beyond’. Their commitment to customer service and long-standing legacy in the cargo industry will no doubt continue to provide exceptional services to customers worldwide.

Cathay’s cargo business operates out of its home base in Hong Kong, the world’s busiest international air cargo hub, and ships directly to more than 70 destinations across the globe. Additionally, Cathay’s 200 aircraft are advancing the development of all destination countries. 

Cathay Group’s Chief Executive Officer Ronald Lam spoke on the rebranding: “Our cargo services have played an essential part in the success of the Cathay Group since the first shipment between China and Australia in 1946. This rebrand reflects our cargo business’ commitment to the same ‘Move Beyond’ ambition as the Group, while also building on a strength that the Cathay brand has long been known for – offering leading-edge services to our customers.” 

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Hasin Hamza