First Choice’s New Identity Makes Travel Selections Easier in a World of Choices

Travelers’ needs are constantly evolving, and so is First Choice, a UK-based online travel agency and tour operator. In the digital age, jet setters are no longer tied to a set of options offered by a travel agency. They now have the freedom to select what they want from a holiday. To reflect this shift, First Choice recently unveiled a bold rebrand that reflects the new digital age of personalized travel experiences. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting rebrand and how it’s set to revolutionize the travel industry.

A New Chapter for First Choice

The new identity is the latest in a long series of changes for First Choice. For 30 years, the company has been helping customers choose their perfect holiday. In that time, it has transitioned from the high street to the internet and become part of the TUI Group. This latest change marks the timely start of a new chapter.

According to Bart Quinton Smith, Managing Director of First Choice, “[First Choice needed] a brand that stands out and resonates with a new generation of travelers while retaining the trust and warmth that First Choice has historically represented

Tackling the Fear of Better Options

One of the biggest concerns for travelers is the Fear of Better Options (FOBO). The new identity expresses how First Choice offers the freedom to craft a unique holiday experience without the hassle of multiple booking platforms. “First Choice replaces endless options and the choice paralysis that comes with them with a single platform built to help you pick the trip you really want,” says Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge, the branding agency behind the rebrand.

Visual System Reflects Customization

To bring this brand vision to life, Ragged Edge settled on using a suite of icons such as a wave, tree, and mountain. These icons represent various options and activities that travellers can pick and choose from while retaining a sense of uniformity that allows the brand to remain consistent as well as personal.

A Streamlined Holiday Experience

The rebrand comes at a time when travelers have more freedom and options than ever before thanks to the digital revolution. However, the unlimited choices also lead to decision fatigue and “choice paralysis.”

First Choice’s fresh identity aims to cut through the noise and complexity. It presents a streamlined experience to easily craft unique holidays on a single platform.

As Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge, explains: “Having unlimited and unfiltered choice makes picking the right holiday harder, not easier. First Choice replaces endless options and the choice paralysis that comes with them with a single platform built to help you pick the trip you really want.”


Built For Picky Travelers

The quirky, bespoke logo also encapsulates this identity. It boldly combines four iconic symbols into one unconventional graphic. The visual identity extends through the website as well, reflecting the tailored experience First Choice offers. With its purposefully imperfect art direction that includes natural, authentic photos and an eye-catching hot pink colour scheme, First Choice is now armed with everything it needs to cater to picky travelers.

Confident, Playful Tone Communicates Personality

The rebrand also includes a lively tone of voice with confident phrases like “5am start or 5am finish” and “29 degrees or 2 degrees.” This playful copy captures how different travelers have unique needs and expectations.

To complement the messaging, Ragged Edge worked with Order Type Foundry to customize the Pastiche Grotesque font. The bold, idiosyncratic typeface aligns perfectly with the brand’s spirit.

Photography Captures Authenticity

First Choice’s rebrand embraces a purposefully imperfect art direction, featuring natural, authentic photos that depart from the clichéd pristine beach imagery often associated with travel agencies. Set against an eye-catching hot pink backdrop, and innovative digital-first identity, First Choice is now fully equipped to cater to discerning travelers by empowering those who are looking to craft their perfect getaway.

First Choice

First Choice
Final Thoughts

First Choice’s bold rebrand signifies a significant shift in the travel industry. It stands out and resonates with a new generation of travelers while retaining the trust and warmth the brand has always represented. Ragged Edge’s outstanding work has captured an identity that not only cuts through the noise of infinite online possibilities but also empowers travelers to curate their dream journeys. The future of travel is personalized, and First Choice is leading the way.

First Choice

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