Free, Easy, and Fun: How Freely’s Rebrand Elevates Your TV Experience?

Are you tired of juggling multiple streaming subscriptions and dealing with the hassle of setting up satellite dishes or aerials? Well, get ready to say goodbye to all that because Everyone TV is about to revolutionize your viewing experience with their latest offering. Everyone TV, a leading umbrella company is coming up with a service designed to be incorporated into the next generation of smart TVs. Named ‘Freely’, this service from Everyone TV allows viewers to effortlessly stream live channels and on-demand content without the need for a satellite dish or aerial. Let’s explore how their new brand identity brought this innovative service to life through captivating visual branding and an approachable persona.

A Fresh Approach to Visual Branding

When creating a visual identity for Freely, Everyone TV enlisted the expertise of London-based consultancy DixonBaxi. To create a strong visual identity for Freely, DixonBaxi embarked on a mission to develop a brand that stands out from the competition. They named the service “Freely” to convey its core experience of being free to have and easy to use. The name not only rolls off the tongue effortlessly but also represents the brand’s ethos of effortless and captivating freshness.

Name and Mascot: Bringing the Brand to Life The Power of Visual Branding

DixonBaxi hit the mark with the name ‘Freely’, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s ethos of freedom and accessibility. But they didn’t stop there. They also introduced a playful mascot called Freemoji, adding a touch of personality and charm to the brand. This expressive and lively telly-watching companion symbolizes the brand’s attitude – friendly, quirky, and alive. Alongside the mascot, a suite of emojis was created to capture the viewer’s every mood, allowing Freely to frame multiple channels, streamers, and talent on an equal footing. The tone of voice of the brand is chatty and cheeky, inviting viewers to join the conversation and feel at home.

A Bold Logo and Vibrant Color Palette

The Freely logo is simple yet distinctive, allowing content to take center stage while exuding its own character. Paired with a bold color palette which is is predominantly black and white, featuring pops of hot pink, the brand exudes fun and flair without sacrificing sophistication. The UI and USP icons, built with heavy lines and angles like the Freemoji, confidently communicate the brand’s offerings.

Image credits: DixonBaxi
Image credits: DixonBaxi

Bringing the Brand to Life with Motion

But the visual identity of Freely doesn’t stop at static images. DixonBaxi incorporated expressive motion principles into the design, giving the brand and its central character a sense of life and energy. From playful animations to subtle curves, every detail adds to the overall experience.

Experience Joyful Spontaneity with Freely

At its core, Freely is more than just a streaming service. It’s a companion that embodies joyful spontaneity and brings people together through the power of TV. Freely represents the essence of pure fun and warmth in TV watching. Its friendly and conversational tone, coupled with a suite of emoticons bursting with energy, mirrors the excitement viewers experience while exploring the vast array of shows available in the UK. Freely captures the spirit of TV, reminding us that there’s nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with something worth watching.


Freely is poised to transform the streaming TV landscape with its innovative features, distinctive visual branding, and approachable personality. With its playful mascot, chatty tone of voice, and expressive design elements, Freely promises a world of endless entertainment, all in one place.

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Hasin Hamza