From Jaguar Land Rover to JLR: A New Brand Identity

Jaguar Land Rover now has a new corporate identity JLR to reflect a truly modern luxury business. The new identity embodies elegance, modernity, and the company’s forward-thinking essence.

JLR aspires to remove ambiguity and bring to the fore the unique DNA of each of JLR’s brands – Range Rover; Defender; Discovery; and Jaguar. The new brand identity will accelerate the delivery of the company’s vision to be a Proud Creator of Modern Luxury.

Adrian Mardell, CEO of JLR, said they are excited to unveil a new identity as part of their House of Brands approach. “I am confident this perfectly illustrates JLR’s ambition in the modern luxury space.” Professor Gerry McGovern, JLR’s Chief Creative Officer, said this is the next chapter of the company’s Reimagine journey to become a truly modern luxury business. “The new JLR identity will bring clarity to our clients and act as a unifier for our four distinct British brands.”

The company emphasized that the Land Rover brand will remain a key part of the company’s DNA. The Land Rover continues to as a world-renowned and important heritage mark.

The new identity highlights elegance, modernity, and a forward-thinking essence that exhibits the company’s direction and ambition. The descending j, in regard to the new logo, aspires to add elegance. The lighter weight of the emblem illustrates the step change to refinement and modernity.

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Nandika Chand