Hampton by Hilton Unveils Refreshed Global Brand Identity

Hilton’s global powerhouse brand with 3,000 properties worldwide ‘Hampton by Hilton’ aims to reinforce its brand strength. It has adopted a new cutting-edge North American prototype and unveiled a refreshed global brand identity.

This reflects Hampton’s steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the category. Hampton is recognized for its category-leading financial performance, best-in-class stay experience, and strong guest loyalty.

Chris Silock, president, Global Brands and Commercial Services at Hilton, said Hampton is more than a hotel brand – it’s the heartbeat of our business. “From its humble beginnings to becoming a global force, Hampton has consistently maintained its position as a true industry leader, rooted in a strong commitment to service and quality.

Hampton by Hilton Unveils Refreshed Global Brand Identity

“As we navigate the ever-changing hospitality landscape, Hampton has once again evolved to adapt to the changing development landscape and evolving guests’ needs. Hilton’s continued investment in Hampton further cements its enduring success as a market leader and premium performing brand for both owners and guests.”

Shruti Gandhi Buckley, senior vice president and brand leader, of Hampton by Hilton, highlighted that the brand continues to stand as a beacon of humanity. It connects people from around the world and delivers a reliable and friendly stay in each one of its hotels.

“As we unveil our new North American prototype and refreshed visual identity, we embark on an exciting new chapter for Hampton. This is a celebration of our core values and signifies a renewed commitment to our owners, guests, and team members. While Hampton continues to evolve and innovate, our unwavering commitment to the 100 percent Hampton Guarantee of delivering an exceptional stay and genuine hospitality creates an experience guests are willing to pay a premium for.”

Moreover, Hampton collaborated with global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie to create a distinctive brand identity that solidifies its position as an innovative leader. Hilton said the design draws inspiration from Hampton’s pioneering spirit and hospitality heritage. “The refreshed identity conveys the brand’s human touch, welcoming guests into a world of comfortable and enjoyable travel through its visual language by featuring approachable illustrations that celebrate traveler diversity, refined script, a carefully selected color palette, and custom typography.”

Furthermore, Hampton by Hilton conducted research with thousands of consumers across three continents. As such, the refreshed visual identity honors the brand’s legacy of being a trusted, reliable, and friendly brand.

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