LUX Elevates Brand Experience with Music

LUX has embarked on a new innovative global sonic identity with Sixieme Son to give voice to its brand and celebrate the beauty of women. The beauty brand has launched a new creative, in collaboration with Sixieme Son, to take the audience through the history of LUX. It wants to celebrate all forms of beauty and give strength to women.

LUX gives a resonant tribute to women, underscoring their resilience, beauty, and elegance. It based its new creative on the pillars of femininity, confidence, and positivity. Severine Vauleon, global brand vice president for LUX, said music is a potent tool for elevating brand communication and creating memorable sonic experiences that cut through the clutter.

“LUX now boasts a sonic system crafted by Sixieme Son’s team of women, evoking power, confidence, and glamour. It exceeds market benchmarks, providing unity across campaigns while flexibility reflecting each one’s unique tone.

Marion Combes, creative strategist at Sixieme Son, said LUX has demonstrated the depth of its commitment to women. “And when the brand’s message aligns with its purpose, it’s all the more intuitive for us creatives to find the right sound.”

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Nandika Chand