Peloton Opens Its Doors to Everyone With Free App and New Look

Peloton, the in-home bike company that has revolutionized the fitness industry, has announced a major rebranding to reflect everything the brand has to offer. With a new brand identity, creative campaign, and content feature, Peloton is declaring itself open and available for everyone, at any level, wherever they are. Let’s go through the key elements of Peloton’s relaunch and how it aims to revolutionize the fitness industry.

A Dynamic Brand Identity and Creative Campaign

Peloton’s relaunch goes beyond a mere visual makeover. The brand has adopted a bold and energetic new brand identity, featuring a vibrant color palette and powerful imagery that captures the transformative power of workouts. Collaborating with partners such as Mother Design, Uncommon Creative Studio, and Stink Studios, Peloton has crafted a campaign that reflects its commitment to inclusivity and celebrates the diverse range of fitness offerings available.

Diversifying Fitness Offerings

Peloton’s data reveals that over half of its workouts are not cycling-related, prompting the brand to expand its focus beyond the bike. Peloton now caters to a wide range of fitness modalities, including Yoga, Meditation, Walking, and Strength training, which has emerged as the most popular form of fitness among digital subscribers. By embracing this versatility, Peloton ensures that users have access to a comprehensive fitness experience tailored to their individual preferences.

Increased Access and Choice

To accommodate different fitness needs, Peloton introduces five distinct Membership tiers. Alongside existing options, Peloton introduces three new App Membership tiers that offer varying levels of access to classes and features. From the free tier, which provides a taste of Peloton’s offerings, to the advanced App+ tier with exclusive content and equipment-based classes, users can customize their membership based on their preferences and goals.

Empowering Strength Training Anywhere

Peloton’s relaunch includes the introduction of Peloton Gym, a new content feature available across all membership tiers. Peloton Gym empowers members to achieve their strength goals by providing detailed written workouts, supporting videos, and personalized routines. With Peloton Gym, users can personalize their strength training experience, choosing from a variety of floor-based routines designed to be done at their own pace.



Peloton’s relaunch signifies a significant shift in its approach to fitness, aiming to provide a comprehensive and inclusive experience for individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels. With a fresh brand identity, diverse Membership tiers, and innovative content features, Peloton solidifies its position as a leader in the fitness industry. Whether at home, outdoors, or at the gym, Peloton invites everyone to experience their expert instructors and world-class content, fostering a community focused on achieving fitness goals, regardless of location.

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Hasin Hamza