Poland’s National Museum Rebrands to a Weaving-Inspired Timeless and Unified Look

Poland’s National Museum in Kraków (Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie) has undergone a rebranding project led by the Warsaw design agency Podpunkt. The new visual identity as described by the design agency is based on the concept of weaving together artworks and inspirations to form the basis of a vast collection of art.

Weaving-inspired MNK logo

Podpunkt‘s rebrand for the National Museum in Kraków is guided by the concept of weaving. The studio has harnessed negative space to create a geometric interpretation of entwined threads and “classical typography” in the MNK logo. The new brand uses the abbreviated name of the Museum, MNK, as the basis, with elements of each glyph falling away in the new logo to create the effect of weaving. This symbol appears to be intertwined with artwork in the Museum’s collection, with figures from paintings appearing to interact with the mark.

Unified Naming and Design System

Podpunkt has introduced a unifying naming system for the Museum’s 12 branches, which were previously known under a variety of names. Each branch is now connected under the MNK umbrella, and a range of icons now represent each arm of the museum, inspired by the art or building of the branch. These icons can replace the first serif of the MNK logo when indicating a specific branch in brand communications. A clever corresponding design system has been introduced to mark this shift.

Image credits itsnicethatcom

Illustration Style and Typography

Image credits itsnicethatcom

The tapestry motif, inspired by weaving, forms the central element of the illustration style used in the new branding. The motif is formed by repeating rows of MNK branch icons and is used in MNK merchandise and exhibition posters. Typography is based on Swiss Typefaces’ Sangbleu, which is described as “at once classic and modern.”

A Timeless Visual Identity 

Image credits itsnicethatcom

Podpunkt’s rebranding of the National Museum in Kraków represents a triumph of weaving-inspired design, achieving a timeless, unified, and adaptable look that reflects the Museum’s rich history and diverse collections. The use of negative space for creating a weaving effect, and the tapestry motif and illustration style carry forward the weaving theme. The unified naming and design system connects the 12 branches of the Museum under the MNK umbrella and makes brand communication easier. Overall, Podpunkt’s design approach has successfully transformed the National Museum in Kraków into a vibrant and dynamic cultural hub, ready to inspire and engage audiences for years to come.