Reveri Unveils Dynamic Brand Identity to Revolutionize Self-Hypnosis

Reveri, the self-hypnosis app co-founded by world-leading psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel, has recently unveiled a captivating new brand identity. The rebrand aims to reposition self-hypnosis as an empowering wellness tool and support Reveri’s expansion into the UK market.


Challenging Wellness Industry Conventions

Reveri approached Mother Design to develop their brand identity that broke from traditional wellness industry designs. The new visual style highlights the benefits of self-hypnosis with a minimal yet bold aesthetic. By reframing self-hypnosis as a focused state rather than a loss of control, Reveri aims to overcome stereotypes and stigmas surrounding the practice.


A Focused Visual Language

The new brand identity uses visual language centered around focus and clarity. Blur effects, color gradients, and selective focus photography create a sense of progress and personal growth. The lowercase Reveri logotype and supporting ‘reveri beacon’ symbol further this concept.


According to Mother Design’s Creative Director Harry Edmonds, “We had to cut through the conventions of the wellbeing sector and establish a visual language that was not only distinctive in the category but felt new across the broader design landscape. We explored a bold and unconventional color palette to avoid the tropes of self-help tools.


A Seamless Digital Experience

In addition to the new brand philosophy and visuals, Mother Design aimed for simplicity and functionality in the Reveri app interface. The design system stretches across Reveri’s website, social media, and other digital platforms to provide a seamless experience for users.


Louise Troen, Chief Marketing Officer at Reveri, said, “Building a brand ecosystem which allowed us to communicate the power of this incredible practice was vital, in parallel with making the in-app experience as easy to navigate as possible. The work that Mother Design has done will enable us to bring our vision to life.


Reveri’s reimagining of self-hypnosis presents an opportunity to shape wellness in a new way. By focusing on the power of the mind and clarity of thought, Reveri is poised to transform both individual lives and broader perceptions. The minimal yet emotive new brand reflects the infinite potential within. With its rebrand, Reveri looks to share the benefits of self-hypnosis with more people and empower users through a designed, meaningful experience. By redefining concepts of wellness and control, Reveri and Mother Design have created a brand that brings self-hypnosis into mainstream conversations.

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Hasin Hamza