Stereolabs Creates New Brand Story

Stereolabs, a pioneering camera and software company, has adopted a new brand identity to unlock its mission to highlight that its more than just cameras. It roped in Pentagram, a global design consultancy, to create a new brand story to better communicate with the customers.

Stereolabs is a software and hardware company that can function as both the eyes and brain wherever robots operate. Pentagram helped it convey that the company provides the most reliable, ready-to-deploy, scalable solution for unlocking autonomous robots full mission capabilities, and elevating their spatial perception.

The agency created a visual identity, including a dynamic symbol, visual toolbox, modular diagram language, icons and data visualization, that adapts to real and virtual environments. The new identity works across Stereolabs’ outputs, from website, marketing, and trade shows to the product itself.

Stereolabs Creates New Brand Story

It also integrates into Stereolab’s software products, unifying the brand both in the field and digital environments.

Moreover, the new Stereolabs symbol is a multidimensional spark that captures the vision in a digital context. The star-shaped symbol transforms across various applications. It aligns with the brand’s identity and the demo process. The symbol appears across the identity as a standalone element, in logotypes and diagrams, and as a hero 3D version, providing a unified and integrated experience.

As such, Stereolabs can now show customers how they seamlessly integrate this ecosystem as an eyes-and-brains upgrade for robots or contextual applications, with scalability at its core. Pentagram also created a functional lockup system that ensures a clear product brand hierarchy, a color scheme that feels native to the industry, and an icon and labeling system that emphasizes the plug-and-play mentality and scalability of the products.

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