The Thinking Traveller’s Soulful Rebrand Reimagines Exclusivity

In a world crowded with villa rental companies, The Thinking Traveller struggled to differentiate itself and showcase its unique offerings. Recently, they transformed their brand identity and positioning. The global redesign positions The Thinking Traveller as the ‘keyholder to places with soul’ by telling real stories with souls that speak to tomorrow’s luxury customers. Let’s take a peek into how The Thinking Traveller conveys their soulful message and redefine luxury travel with their soulful rebrand.

A Brand Strategy Built on Emotion

Award-winning brand design studio, Without stepped into help redefine luxury with emotion and real stories for The Thinking Traveller. Their approach aimed to transcend the traditional notions of luxury travel, steering away from elitism and materialism. Instead, they positioned The Thinking Traveller as the ‘keyholder to places with soul’ by telling authentic stories that resonate with the luxury travelers of tomorrow. By highlighting the brand’s distinctive point of difference – an exclusive collection of truly unique villas – they aimed to overcome the challenge of a generic and uninspiring market.

Crafting a Memorable Brand Experience

To create a sense of place and evoke emotions, Without focused on all brand touchpoints. They replaced generic language with a more immersive and emotional narrative, describing each villa in a language that evoked the essence of its character. Alongside the written language, Without collaborated with photographer Lavinia Cernau to capture the emotional essence of these special places, showcasing the human interactions, idiosyncratic details, and the romance of the destinations.


Merging Elegance and Nostalgia in Brand Identity

Without carefully crafted the brand identity to reflect The Thinking Traveller‘s Mediterranean connection. They selected typography that combined grand, cinematic serifs with a human sans serif, evoking the charm of hidden tavernas and sun-dappled piazzas. The visual identity complemented the brand’s soulful narrative, creating an elegant and nostalgic aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

The Thinking Traveller‘s brand redesign by Without marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. By focusing on emotion, storytelling, and a genuine connection to unique destinations, The Thinking Traveller has repositioned itself as a provider of extraordinary experiences. The transformative brand identity sets The Thinking Traveller apart from its competitors, celebrating their 20th anniversary and inspiring luxury travelers around the world.