Coca-Cola Targets Gamers With Limited-Edition Flavor ‘Coke Ultimate Zero Sugar’

Coca-Cola has its latest flavor “Coke Ultimate Zero Sugar” aimed right at gamers. The beverage giant has teamed with Riot Games, which is renowned for multi-player online battle arena game League of Legends.

Coke Ultimate Zero Sugar tastes like experience points – this is not a flavor, nor an actual thing in real life! Moreover, the cans say “this is a +XP flavored zero-calorie cola”. The new flavors’ can feature League of Legends branding with a Hextech blue glow. The look is very much appealing.

Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy at Coca-Cola, said they are never really going to answer questions about the flavor in a “straightforward” way. “They’re mystery flavors. But they always have to taste like Coke. The flavor profile is always we say, 85 to 90 percent Coke. And then that 10 to 15 percent twist of something unexpected.” Vlad said Ultimate is supposed to offer drinkers the taste of “experience points”, which are earned by League of Legends players based on how much time they spend playing the game.

James Quincey, Coca-Cola CEO, during the Redburn CEO conference in November 2022 said the flavors are not designed to become permanent offerings. He explained they are supposed to help build buzz around the company’s core product. “They’re more engaging and more interesting, demonstrably, than a flavor, a Coke with vanilla or something.” Quincey elaborated it as testing the boundaries, that’s about engagement with consumers.

Coca-Cola has paired the limited-time offerings with virtual experiences. But the relationship between Riot and Coca-Cola is deeper than the limited-edition flavor. The two companies had previously partnered from 2014-16. It should be noted that Coke Ultimate Zero Sugar is part of Coca-Cola’s Creations brand, wherein they release new drinks that are powered by fancy marketing campaigns and only around for a limited period.

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