Google: From a Research Project to a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

At one point or other, we all dream to be millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires… or whatever across it! But if you are thriving alone, for it to happen, what will it take? A lifetime? A group of extraordinary talents? Or a massive amount of capital? Well, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google, it was just a research project for their Ph.D. There was no capital, no extraordinary bunch of talents, only two boys striving hard to pass University exams.

20 years aside, if you turn back and look, that is not what you will see. Within a span of 20 years, or just within two ultra-fast decades, we can see a giant Multi-Billion dollar business company instead of the same research project! Speaking of it, even a child of three years know what Google is, “Okay Google” being their first word, well, almost first word! Though it feels “not-so-big-thing,” “we-see-it-everyday,” have you ever admired the growth of Google being a web-based search engine with merely a total of 25 million index pages to a multi-billion dollar business company with a reach over 130 trillion unique individual pages? If not, it’s time to do so!

So it’s the 20th Birthday of Google and, now think how far it reached. With a simple search algorithm named “BackRub” back then, the expansion was 100 times bigger than that of any other company! The creepy web crawlers developed Google News first, then came out Chrome, then Plus and so on! Now reaching up to the Google Home and Google Pay, it is high time to ask “is there anything Google missed? “

So a lifetime is not a need to score more, neither master brain heads nor tons of capital! (Though now, Google have everything, including the so-called Jimmy Neutron heads and jillions of money) What would you achieve in a span of twenty years? A degree? A home? A hotel? A bank? Wife? Kid #1, Kid #2 and… Stop asking “how to hack google” to Google, Better to design another BackRub if you are planning to break the ice. Today, being the 20th Birthday of Google, the brand is recalling all its memories from the beginning to the moment till now. Check out the new Google doodle to stroll over the memory lane:

Google: From a Research Project to a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

Wishing you the happiest birthday Google!

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Athira N Kaimal