KFC Egypt Splashes Eye-Catching Visuals on Billboards for Kantook Sandwich

KFC Egypt has been captivating its consumers with eye-catching visuals of its latest lip-smacking product – Kantook Sandwich.

The fast food chain partnered with OOH for the creative billboards and strategically placed them in high-traffic areas to entice people to indulge in the tantalizing offering. The campaign used vibrant colors and bold typography to gain momentum. Moreover, the ads display information about ordering options. It emphasizes a range of ways customers can savor the irresistible Kantook Sandwich via the KFC mobile app or just by calling on the hotline.

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The campaign touts convenience. It provides a hassle-free experience through the seamless integration of technology and traditional ordering methods to the diverse preferences of KFC’s loyal fanbase.

The OOH campaign has used visuals to appeal to the audience. As such, KFC ensures the irresistible allure of its Kantook Sandwich reaches existing and potential customers alike.

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