Turn Your Back: How Dove’s Campaign is Challenging Beauty Standards on Social Media?

Dove, the personal care brand famous for its branding campaigns promoting positive body image, has rolled out a new influencer-led campaign dubbed #TurnYourBack as a response to TikTok‘s Bold Glamour filter. The Bold Glamour filter, which has already been downloaded more than 16 million times since its release last month, has been criticized for promoting unattainable beauty standards and warping young people’s self-image

Turn Your Back: How Dove's Campaign is Challenging Beauty Standards on Social Media
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Turn Your Back
Part of Dove’s long-running Self-Esteem Project, the #TurnYourBack campaign kicked off on TikTok on March 9th, featuring women turning away from the camera and walking off-screen to demonstrate that no filter should tell you how to look. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the harmful impact of digital distortion on young people’s self-esteem and mental health.

The Impact of Filters on Young People’s Self-Image

According to Dove, 80% of girls are using filters by age 13, and over half prefer their edited appearance. This statistic highlights the urgent need for campaigns like #TurnYourBack that promote positive body image and encourage young people to think critically about the messages they see online.

The campaign features paid posts from influencers like Hira Mustafa and Nadya Okamoto, who are encouraging others to avoid digital distortion and embrace natural beauty. The campaign will continue with digital content and OOH activations, highlighting the brand’s commitment to promoting positive body image and self-esteem for young people.

The Power of Influencer-Led Campaigns

Influencer-led campaigns like #TurnYourBack can be highly effective in reaching young people where they are and inspiring them to think critically about the messages they see online. Dove’s campaign shows the power of influencers in promoting positive body image and encouraging young people to embrace their natural beauty.

When it comes to your body, love the one you're with - Dove
Source wwwogilvycom

The campaign was created by Ogilvy and David, who received 250 responses from members of their network in less than 24 hours. This collaborative effort highlights the importance of working together to combat harmful beauty standards and promote positive body image for all.

Long story short, Dove’s #TurnYourBack campaign is a significant step towards combating digitally distorted images and unrealistic beauty standards. Through its branding efforts, Dove encourages young people to embrace real beauty and reject filters like Bold Glamour, promoting positive body image and self-esteem for all. This influencer-led campaign has the power to make a real difference in the lives of young people, and we applaud Dove for taking a stand against harmful beauty standards.