Fashion Brands at Forefront of Driving Positive Change, Ushering in Greener Future: Maersk

With the latest cutting-edge technology, new vessels, and new fuels, Maersk aims to be climate-neutral by 2040. The shipping giant recently launched Maersk ECO, a new solution to decarbonize ocean logistics, as it works towards replacing fossil fuels with green alternatives.

Maersk has recognized the need and demand for a green footprint by fashion brands. Josue Alzamora, Global Head of Lifestyle Vertical at Maersk, said active engagement of fashion brands in pursuing sustainable shipping solutions. He highlighted the industry’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. “By aligning their operations with Maersk’s green fuel initiatives, fashion brands are at the forefront of driving positive change and ushering in a greener future for the shipping industry.”

As such, the shipping brand recently introduced Maersk ECO Delivery – a biofuel that is carbon neutral and manufactured from recycled sustainable biomass. This is an innovative product that replaces fossil fuels with green fuels, giving an easy choice to transport the cargo responsibly and grow the business. Maersk believes this is just one of the ways that it goes all the way to help drive sustainability in its customers’ supply chains.

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The shipping company said there has been a steep change in the commitment across society to reduce carbon emissions. Maersk is working closely with a broad range of customers to further develop its offerings around green fuels. It garnered BESTSELLER, one of the top fashion and lifestyle groups in the world, to reduce its carbon footprint in transportation at sea. Bestseller has an ambitious climate strategy with clear reduction targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement with the ultimate goal of becoming climate positive.

Vincent Clerc, Executive Vice President, and CEO of Ocean & Logistics, Maersk, said ECO Delivery makes a real difference as it uses sustainable biofuel to power selected Maersk vessels and helps Bestseller make progress towards their ambitious sustainability goals. Thomas Borglum-Jensen, Bestseller CFO and Head of Logistics, said the company continuously explores ways of improving its environmental footprint. Bestseller is pleased to work with Maersk to take this step and expects to be one of the several to ultimately realize a full carbon-neutral transportation option.

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