For a Greener Future: Pachama’s Impactful Branding Transforming Carbon Offset

Corporate greenwashing is a growing concern in today’s world. Carbon offsetting is a topic of heated debate in the realm of environmental conservation. Pachama, a California-based company, is paving the way for a new era of transparency in carbon offsetting. It emerges as a beacon of innovation, challenging the status quo with its groundbreaking approach to carbon sequestration and a brand refresh that’s as beautiful as it is impactful. Let’s get to know more about their rebrand focused on sustainability.

For a Greener Future: Pachama's Impactful Branding Transforming Carbon Offset

Transparent Tech for Real Change

Pachama isn’t interested in smoke and mirrors. They leverage the power of satellite imagery and LiDAR technology to provide real-time data on carbon removal efforts. This means companies, investors, and consumers can have complete confidence that their contributions are going towards high-quality, ethically sourced nature-based projects. Pachama goes beyond simple offsetting – they work to enhance sequestration efforts and ensure verified carbon credit usage. This commitment to transparency is what’s paving the way for a renewed dialogue around carbon solutions and a more positive relationship between businesses and the natural world.

Carbon Pachama

A Visual Language for the Earth’s Lungs

To amplify their mission and shake up the industry, Pachama sought the expertise of How&How Studio, a brand and design agency based in London and Los Angeles. How&How Studio crafted a visual symphony for Pachama, translating the intricate process of carbon sequestration into a vibrant graphic language. Imagine a palette inspired by LiDAR scans, where color represents the height of a tree. Now, transform those colors into a rainbow reminiscent of nature’s iridescence. This is the essence of Pachama’s new brand – a celebration of the symbiosis between natural wonders and Pachama’s groundbreaking technology.

Carbon Pachama

The Practical Magic of Design

The collaboration between Pachama and How&How goes beyond aesthetics. With innovative design applications like marquee devices mapping reforestation and pointillist graphics pointillist tree graphics showcasing carbon capture, and textural landscape maps representing Pachama’s scanning technology, they have created a user interface that’s as intuitive as it is inspiring, embodying the very essence of clean air and transparency. In addition to this,  Punchy typography, glass layers, and circular language reinforce themes of transparency, layered information, and zooming in and out of landscapes and details.

For a Greener Future: Pachama's Impactful Branding Transforming Carbon Offset

“Working with H&H on our brand refresh was an absolute delight,” says Diego Saez-Gil, co-founder & CEO at Pachama. “They took the time to deeply understand our vision and philosophy and then brought it to life with magical beauty.”

Carbon Pachama
*All images are a courtesy of How and How Studio

The Big Picture

Pachama new brand identity, is sure to revolutionize the carbon offsetting industry particularly because of their incorporation of latest technology while also emphasizing the importance and beauty of our planet’s ecosystems. With this new approach, Pachama aims to set a new standard for transparency and accountability in carbon offsetting. The company’s brand identity is an ode to nature, highlighting the critical role that our planet’s ecosystems play in mitigating climate change. By merging cutting-edge technology with this deep appreciation for the natural world, Pachama aims to make a positive impact on our environment and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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