Uncrap the World: Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Brand ‘Who Gives A Crap’ Latest Campaign

Who Gives A Crap, a toilet paper brand, has launched its first ever global campaign “Uncrap the World” with a tagline ‘Our planet, our future, rests upon your cheeks’.

The company highlighted that one million trees are destroyed every day to make traditional toilet paper. Through its latest campaign, Who Gives A Crap is telling people that big change can come from standing up, or sitting down for what they believe in.

Maria Chilewicz, Head of Brand Management at Who Gives A Crap, said with people feeling overwhelmed by the climate doom and gloom, the company wanted to bring some light and cheekiness to a heavy topic. She believes big change can start from something small as sitting on the loo. “The campaign shows that our heroes walk amongst us, or behind us, already. This is our call to bums. Bums have always worn the pants and now they’re going to uncrap the world.

Who Gives A Crap’s eco-friendly toilet paper is made from 100 percent recycled or bamboo fibers, so people can save trees and help build toilets for billions of people. Luke Martin, the Executive Creative Director, and the 72andSunny Australian team collaborated with director Stef Hunt from Exit Films for the campaign.

Uncrap the World: Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Brand “Who Gives A Crap” Latest Campaign
<em>Who Gives A Crap<em>

Martin said they were shocked by figures on deforestation. “Immediately we had to help the WGAC team to get their story out into the world. Since talking to people’s heads hadn’t really worked so far, we thought maybe it was time we tried to convince the other end of the town to take a stand, or in this case, sit down for change.”

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