9 top rebrands of the year 2018

2018 rebrands - comedy central

Consistency had made its way out, and now, everybody seeks Dynamism. Dynamic developments are indeed, crowd-pleasing as it focuses on future trends and customer interactions. Such changes are happening everywhere. And for the year 2018, it was massive. Instagram started IGTV, Justin Bieber got Hitched, Trump stepped up his anti-media attacks, Apple upgraded to dual […]

Britannia: The centenary Rebranding


In the 1900s, the best combination for tea was tiger biscuits! School intervals and a pack of Little hearts, won many hearts. From crunchy rusks to crackers, Marie gold to Nutrichoice, Good day to Bourbon, 50-50 to Milk bikis and a wide range of bread, cakes and dairy products, Britannia evolved. And the nostalgia is […]