LG Reinvents Its Visual Identity to Reinforce Its ‘Life’s Good’ Proposition

LG Electronics, a leading global brand, has recently unveiled its new visual identity with a new logo and a GIF for digital channels. The company’s rebranding effort is aimed at reinforcing its ‘Life’s Good‘ proposition and enhancing customer engagement. A New and Playful Visual Identity LG’s new logo made up of the letters ‘L’ and […]

Eurostar’s New Logo Is a Homage to Iconic Train Travel Brands

Eurostar Group’s striking new identity combines train providers Thalys and Eurostar into one fresh, exciting brand. The rebranding will take place over the next several months and will be rolled out across all of the company’s operations, including its trains, stations, and website. With a vibrant blue and deep navy as well as six auxiliary […]

Cartoon Network is Looking to Expand Viewership with Rebranding

Cartoon Network is Looking to Expand Viewership with Rebranding

AFTER a long day at school, coming home in our dirty clothes to watch cartoons was the most relaxing thing we could do. Powerpuff Girls or Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network were all there was to watch without the immersive internet and latest gadgets. Now a significant brand revamp was outlined by Cartoon Network. This […]

Audi is ready to take on roads with the refreshed brand identity

Audi Brand the Change

Audi, the latest in a long line of auto firms to simplify their emblems, has presented a flat, simplified version of its trademark four-ringed insignia.   The four rings of Audi are still arranged in the same pattern, but they are no longer elevated and are no longer painted with glossy chrome. The rings are […]