Nokia Rebrands, Refreshes Logo To Emerge As B2B Tech Innovation Leader

Nokia rebranding and logo redesign

Nokia wants to break out from the “just mobile devices” zone and emerge as a B2B tech innovation leader. As such, the company roped in Lippincott for a revamp – rebranding and logo redesign. Nokia’s blocky logo, which was created in 1979, was simplified to make it more minimalist and angular with slender characters. It […]

Nokia Rebrands from Smartphones to Become a B2B Tech Leader

NOKIA New Logo

Rebranding is an important strategy for companies in the digital age and can help them to reach their goals. By changing their logo and marketing strategies, companies can assure that they stay relevant and attractive to customers. Nokia s recent rebranding is a prime example of how such a strategy can be successful. For Nokia, […]