Colgate Goes Toothless With Clutter-Breaking ‘DaantonkaPoshan’ Campaign

Colgate Goes Toothless

Acknowledging the tremendous growth in India’s oral care market, Colgate-Palmolive has relaunched “Colgate Strong Teeth” toothpaste, with cutting-edge arginine technology. But unlike previous campaigns, Colgate has gone toothless! The ad features a toothless grandmother. Colgate wanted to create a new narrative, create something refreshing while landing a preparation that is truly relevant. The ad’s target […]

Mother Dairy Unveils New Ice Cream Flavors in the Latest Campaign

Mother Dairy, one of India’s leading milk and milk products companies, has launched a new ice cream campaign called #MotherPromise. The campaign, conceptualized by Ogilvy India, aims to target consumers of all age groups and is set to run for six weeks. The focus of the campaign is to showcase the company’s efforts to offer […]

Cheer for All Sports: Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Revolutionary Campaign to Celebrate Indian Athletes

Cadbury Dairy Milk, in partnership with Ogilvy India, has launched its latest campaign, #CheerForAllSports, to bring India together to support Indian athletes competing in other sports during the upcoming IPL. Let’s know about this campaign, its objectives, and how people can participate and support Indian athletes. Campaign Objectives The main aim of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s […]

Turn Your Back: How Dove’s Campaign is Challenging Beauty Standards on Social Media?

Turn Your Back: How Dove's Campaign is Challenging Beauty Standards on Social Media

Dove, the personal care brand famous for its branding campaigns promoting positive body image, has rolled out a new influencer-led campaign dubbed #TurnYourBack as a response to TikTok‘s Bold Glamour filter. The Bold Glamour filter, which has already been downloaded more than 16 million times since its release last month, has been criticized for promoting […]

9 top rebrands of the year 2018

2018 rebrands - comedy central

Consistency had made its way out, and now, everybody seeks Dynamism. Dynamic developments are indeed, crowd-pleasing as it focuses on future trends and customer interactions. Such changes are happening everywhere. And for the year 2018, it was massive. Instagram started IGTV, Justin Bieber got Hitched, Trump stepped up his anti-media attacks, Apple upgraded to dual […]

Ogilvy Rebranding: A transformation from Sell to Solve

Ogilvy Rebranding: A transformation from Sell to Solve

Profoundly established brands, in order to capture that fresh appeal in the market, often prefer rebranding.  The significant motive behind this is to create a new and relevant outlook for the brand considering their target audience. Target audience could vary considering the lifestyles and technological background. For instance, if a brand is following the original […]