ChatGPT Pens Fortune Cookies for New, Refreshed, Unique Fortunes

After potentially disrupting a number of jobs in various industries, ChatGPT is now writing fortunes in fortune cookies. OpenFortune has deployed ChatGPT to pen its prophecies. It said there have only been several thousand fortunes in circulation since the treat was invented more than 100 years ago.

by Racool_studio

OpenFortune took to ChatGPT to address the problem of a shortage of new fortunes in the fortune cookie industry. Matt Williams, CEO of OpenFortune, said the most common feedback they receive from consumers is that they want new, refreshed and unique fortunes. ChatGPT generates novel and more appealing fortunes much faster than humans can. Moreover, the AI has the ability to come up with new ones.

OpenFortune sells ads on slips of paper that are folded into fortune cookies. Its distributed to more than 47,000 restaurants in the United States, with clients including Diet Coke and Disney. OpenFortune tailors the fortunes to suit the advertiser. Now, ChatGPT will be taking care of most of OpenFortune’s creative burden. But this doesn’t mean that it will make its copywriters redundant.

ChatGPT Pens Fortune Cookies for New, Refreshed, Unique Fortunes

Nicole Christopoul, OpenFortune’s director of integrated marketing and strategy, said they see a future of an effectively unlimited variation of fortunes based on their many months of testing and fine-tuning prompts. The executive outlined that the skill set of copywriters will evolve, from simply writing fortunes, to writing prompts that generate fortunes. Christopoul said prompt writing is an entirely new language for copywriters.

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Nandika Chand