Enjoy the New Fantasy Ruby Red by Monster Energy Ultra with AR Experience

Monster Energy Ultra has introduced its latest zero-sugar flavor drink Fantasy Ruby Red with a first-of-its-kind immersive AR experience. It reveals custom can art.

A 10-foot-tall Monster Ultra can was installed in the vibrant hub of Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Los Angeles. It transported consumers to a mixed-reality world where the characters on the new textured cans, designed by artist Pinky Taylor, came to life. Moreover, passers-by engaged with digital and physical 2D and 3D artistry through smartphones and tablets for a multisensory journey.

Dan McHugh, Monster Energy’s CMO, said the brand wanted to create one of its most impactful and immersive launch experiences, bursting the new Monster Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red flavor into life. “Pushing the boundaries of innovation is part of the Monster Ultra DNA. Stepping into the world of our can art brought the energy of our new flavor-forward beverage to life, which will live on as we roll out the newest flavor nationwide for everyone to enjoy.”

Pinky Taylor highlighted duality pulses through the energy of life’s veins, a perpetual dance of contrasts. “The characters, who embody good and evil, show how kindness and embracing self-love can bring harmony to the world. Seeing my artwork in animation through AR was a first – cool experience to mark the launch of this flavor.”

Monster Energy Zero Sugar Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red’s concoction bursts with bold flavor and a tantalizing twist to set taste buds alight with its fusion of vibrant ruby red citrus and exhilarating energy. Fantasy Ruby Red delivers a sensory experience from the moment it touches the consumer’s lips, transporting them into a world where every sip ignites a spark of excitement. It offers pure joy, and unadulterated refreshment.

Monster Energy Zero Sugar Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red is touted as the ultimate solution for those seeking a healthier alternative without compromising taste or performance.


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