Flash Sucks! Samsung Showcases Light Boost Technology

Samsung has come all out in its latest campaign telling the bitter truth about flash photography – it sucks! Its ambitious “Light Boost Technology” has reinvented the art of low-light photography.

The new technique, which debuted on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, does away with the traditional tactic of bathing the subject matter in an instantaneous harsh bright light in favor of a subtler technique that won’t leave you temporarily blinded.

Annika Bizon, marketing and Omnichannel director at Samsung Electronics UK, acknowledged that for consumers, the camera is a critical feature for smartphones. But the flash still lets many people down in low light condition. Bizon explained their latest campaign is designed to help show everyone that Samsung Light Boost Technology makes photos and videos awesome.

The Light Boost Technology deploys artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and an extra-large sensor to maximize the number of photons hitting each pixel, endowing nocturnal users with the ability to see the night like a barn owl!

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Source wwwsamsungcom

Introduced on the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G, the Light Boost Technology feature delivers stunning images with clear quality. The Night Mode enables users to capture the brightest and clearest photo at night, using intelligent AI Pixel technology to broaden the camera’s pixel size and capture more detail. Users equipped with the largest camera sensors in the Galaxy A Series devices can take blur-free photos and smoother videos even in low light environments.