Louis Vuitton Launches New NFT – A Virtual Trunk Worth €6,000

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has come up with a new NFT – VIA Tile Trunk. This is a miniature virtual trunk designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere, who is the creative director of the women’s collections for the LVMH group’s flagship fashion house. He drew inspiration from the trunk-shaped mini cube bag launched at the Spring-Summer 2024 in September.

Priced at €6,000, the digital collectible is exclusive to the brand’s VIA customers Louis Vuitton has dedicated this as a first major project to Web 3. This will be the first time in history for it to sell digital products. Louis Vuitton has devised a route to reach a new target group of customers for VIA through a 360-degree project. It combines the best of both worlds – that of Web 3 and that of the brand, between the digital and physical dimensions.

Designers reimagine Louis Vuitton's iconic luggage for 200 Trunks exhibition NFT trunk

Agnes Vissoud, director of digital innovation, said the main challenge is to extend the in-store experience for customers into a world, where there is no boundary between the physical and the digital. The digital version of the trunk is white and gold. It’s surrounded by an orange glow, including a physical counterpart that new owners can claim in March 2024.

The launch of VIA Tile Trunk follows the release of 200 orange monogram Speedy 40 bags by creative director Pharrell Williams. Overall, the VIA project is a comprehensive platform that stylish melds digital, communications, sales, and legal services for better consumer engagement. It successfully merges physical and digital experiences.

The VIA Tile Trunk showcases the Maison’s expertise in creating limitless possibilities, it’s more than a digital accessory, the NFT symbolizes exclusivity.

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