Meal Reveal: Hellmann’s Tackles Food Waste with AI-enabled Tool

Hellmann’s has taken it upon itself to counter fridge blindness, a contributor to household food waste, with a new AI-enabled tool ‘Meal Reveal’. This will help households use up more of the food they have in their fridge with great-tasting recipes.

Hellmann’s developed Meal Reveal with Google Cloud. People can use their phones to scan the ingredients in their fridges and be served with delicious recipe ideas. They can scan food in their fridge using the camera on their mobile phone, share either video, or upload pictures on the app. Meal Reveal then utilizes generative AI capabilities in Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform to identify the ingredients. It further matches the foods to recipes to provide tasty recipe suggestions.

Hellmann’s, the world’s popular mayonnaise brand, highlighted that household food waste is an issue in the United Kingdom, where 4.7 million tonnes of food that could have been eaten at home is wasted each year. “An average household wastes the equivalent of eight meals a week, with fresh fruit and vegetables frequently wasted the most. Every day in UK homes, we throw away approximately 2.9 million potatoes, 1.4 million tomatoes, and the equivalent of 2.1 million carrots.”

Meal Reveal: Hellmann’s Tackles Food Waste with AI-enabled Tool

As such, Hellmann’s came up with Meal Reveal to provide a time-saving and convenient solution for consumers struggling to make sense of how the ingredients in their fridge can make a quick, simple meal. Christina Bauer-Plank, Hellmann’s Global VP, said people never set out wanting to throw food away. “Food waste is an unintended consequence of our busy lives, where we look in the fridge after a long day and see disparate ingredients but nothing to eat. We saw an opportunity here to create a straightforward, easy-to-use tool.” Bauer-Plank said Meal Reveal is powered by the latest Google technology where a simple scan of the leftover ingredients lets people see the delicious potential in their fridge.

Laurence Lafont, Vice President, Strategic Industries EMEA, Google Cloud, said their generative AI technology has the power to create everyday solutions. “As part of our longstanding partnership with Hellmann’s, we are excited to create the innovative solution Meal Reveal to a persistent challenge of seeing the possibilities of the food in our fridge. In its nascent stage, the more people use Meal Reveal, the more the tool will learn ingredients in our fridges and help provide the best recipes to use up what we already have.”

Meal Reveal is the latest way Hellmann’s is helping people get creative in the kitchen with its mission to Make Taste, Not Waste.

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