Ogilvy’s CCO Talks Rankings and AI in Advertising

Liz Taylor is one of the top-ranked chief creative officers in the business following Ogilvy being recognized for its commercials and best agency network ranking in The Drum’s Creative Rankings.

She revealed that Ogilvy no longer functions as a series of regional fiefs that leave executives bumping elbows to get the right people on the right assignment because there are different P&Ls and different leaders and different agendas. Taylor believes those walls have been broken down. “Now, it’s on the way to becoming a truly connected global network that provides clients with borderless creativity.”

Ogilvy’s CCO Talks Rankings and AI in Advertising
Liz Taylor | Global Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy

AI and Advertising

Taylor shared that big global brands, like Coca-Cola, are what Ogilvy does best; creating modern, forward-thinking work that solves the biggest business problems they have. It should be noted that now Coca-Cola is working with its other marketing partner – Bain. They will be working together to integrate generative AI tools, including ChatGPT and Dall-E, to enhance the creativity of its marketing team. Taylor doesn’t think that Coca-Cola and Bain partnering will change anything. “Either everybody panics ‘is this the death of advertising as we know it, are we not going to have creatives?’ – or the opposite happens, and everybody just vomits AI and every idea involves AI for no reason.

Ogilvy’s CCO Talks Rankings and AI in Advertising
Source: Coca-cola Company

The CCO regards AI as just another tool. She says it’s another way to tell stories and experience. “It can take away the mindless things that people don’t want to do and enable our brains to be free to do the things we want to do, and creatively it gives you scale – it’s so fast.” But Taylor added that agencies, such as Ogilvy, have a duty to engage directly with AI tools. “As creatives, we have a responsibility to understand AI tools to know how to work with them, to figure out what we want to do with them. I think it’s really exciting.

Taylor highlighted ‘Shah Rukh Khan my ad’, where Ogilvy used AI tools to transform a footage library of Bollywood celebrity Shah Rukh Khan into a programmatic ad tool available to small businesses in India.

She also feels there would be far too many bad campaigns made with artificial intelligence, or just made to simply showcase the AI tool’s capabilities.

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