Shopping with Klarna’s AI-Powered Personal Shopper

Swedish Fintech company, Klarna, has recently launched a major redesign of its mobile app, bringing new features including AI-powered for retailers, creators, and shoppers. With a year of steady growth in user base and revenue, the update aims to improve the shopping experience for its users. Here’s a closer look at what Klarna’s new features mean for the world of online shopping:

Klarna Spotlight AI
Source: Klarna

AI-powered Shopping Feed

Klarna’s new AI-powered shopping feed is one of its most exciting features. Using its proprietary AI product recommendation engine, the feed provides personalized shopping recommendations to users. The recent partnership with OpenAI‘s ChatGPT allows users to integrate the generative AI tool to search for shopping ideas.

Launch of Storefronts for Creators

Klarna is also focusing on building its creator network. The new feature allows creators to launch storefronts using Klarna and provides tools to help drive success. The Creator Platform offers the ability for creators to recommend items, share shoppable videos and photos, and market their shops across social networks with the ability to earn revenue. Creators will also soon be able to share shoppable social media content within Klarna’s app.

Self-Service Advertising Platform for Retailers

Through its self-service Ads Manager, Klarna now offers retailers the ability to access its first-party data to create more relevant shopping experiences. Marketers can utilize ad creation and audience targeting tools, among others, to connect with potential customers. This move sees Klarna becoming a more serious player in the retail media space, and it aims to increase marketing revenue from its partnerships with retailers.

Resell Feature for Consumers

Klarna’s new resell feature makes it easier for users to streamline the selling process on secondhand marketplaces. Auto-filling product details and images, the feature is available for past Klarna purchases with participating re-commerce platforms. Currently only available in Sweden, the resell features will gradually roll out to the U.S., U.K., and Germany in the coming months.

Ask Klarna – Personal Shopper Service

Klarna’s new personal shopper service, Ask Klarna, provides users with on-demand access to shopping experts via chat or video call. The free service aims to help users make better shopping decisions by providing tailored recommendations and advice.

Final Thoughts

Klarna’s redesign and new features have amble potential to revolutionize the way we shop online. By providing a personalized experience for its users and offering tools for retailers and creators to market themselves, Klarna is positioning itself as a serious player in the fintech and e-commerce industry. It’s clear from the way the brand is making better use of the technology to stay ahead of the curve and delivering the best possible shopping experience for all.

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Hasin Hamza