Step into the Unknown: Meta Quest 3 Launches with Spine-Tingling 3D Billboards

Meta’s Reality Labs has leaped into the future with its innovative ‘Halloween Thrillboards’. These aren’t your typical billboards. They offer an immersive experience that blurs the lines between reality and the virtual world, much like Meta’s new mixed-reality headset, the Meta Quest 3. Let’s delve into the details behind this ‘Halloween Thrillboards’ that flip the script on conventional 2D content and the traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising that promotes it.

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A Chilling Experience in the Heart of London

Located at Protein Studios in London, these chilling billboards, designed in collaboration with AMV BBDO and Unit9, may initially appear ordinary. However, they offer an experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Visitors have the opportunity to step into specially crafted billboards featuring their favorite horror titles, and then enjoy an exclusive demo of Meta Quest 3. The Thrillboards, part of the ‘Expand Your World’ consumer campaign, offer a glimpse into two popular entertainment franchises available as games on the headset: Ghostbusters and The Walking Dead.

Blurring Realities with Immersive Thrillboards

Running from October 27th to 29th at Protein Studios in London, the ‘Thrillboards’ appear as normal billboards at first glance. However, they offer an experience that transcends traditional boundaries by allowing members of the public to step through the billboards and directly into the worlds of Ghostbusters and The Walking Dead. Guests will enjoy exclusive game demos before experiencing a trial of the groundbreaking Meta Quest 3 headset firsthand.

Showcasing Next-Level Immersion

The goal of the ‘Thrillboards’ activation is to showcase the immersive capabilities of the Meta Quest 3 and demonstrate how virtual reality experiences can break past traditional gaming audiences. Visitors will get spine-tingling adventures from the exclusive Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghostlord and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners content, broadening VR’s appeal. After transporting guests through theatrical world-blurring experiences emulating the games, Meta hopes people will see VR and the Quest 3 as the must-have holiday item.

A Reality-Bending Immersive Journey

AMV BBDO creative directors, Michael Jones and Thomas Hazledine, emphasize that unlike traditional Halloween launches, games on the new Meta Quest 3 provide a world-expanding experience that blurs the lines between gaming and reality. The ‘Thrillboards’ activate this experience, casting visitors not as mere spectators, but as active participants. They are launched straight into a reality-bending immersive journey, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of mixed reality.

Jason Miller, EMEA integrated marketing lead, also expressed his excitement about this unique Halloween experience. He highlights the opportunity for people to engage with exclusive demos and fully immerse themselves in the scares and thrills of this in-real-life (IRL) adventure. According to Miller, the ‘Halloween Thrillboards’ and Meta Quest 3 aim to expand the reality of what’s possible for consumers to experience during Halloween. The campaign offers a wide range of experiences for everyone, showcasing the wonders of mixed-reality and the Meta Quest 3.

Join the Journey into Mixed Realities

Between special effects and set designs, the “Thrillboards” employ illusions to transport visitors beyond the bounds of typical billboards and into virtual worlds. The campaign demonstrates how Meta Quest 3 continues expanding realities through technology designed for everybody. Don’t miss the chance to step into thrills this Halloween and be among the first to experience the revolutionary immersion of Meta Quest 3.

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