TikTok Trials Exciting New In-app Feature ‘Trendy Beat’ to Elevate User Experience

TikTok is making significant strides towards its plans for a thriving shopping platform, amid unprecedented growth in the e-commerce industry. ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, is testing a new in-app shopping section called “Trendy Beat”.

Currently being trialed in the UK, Trendy Beat offers products for sale that are made, shipped, and sold by TikTok. The in-app features popular items that have appeared in trending videos, such as tools to extract ear wax, or to brush off pet hair from clothing. Sources said all the items advertised as shipped from China and sold by a company (owned by ByteDance) registered in Singapore.

TikTok filed a trademark application for Trendy Beat in the U.S. last month, indicating that the in-app might be tested in the United States as well. This will most definitely take on retail giants like Amazon and Shein.

TikTok has already broken ground in social media by seamlessly blending entertainment, influencers, and e-commerce. Now, it has set its sights on becoming a thriving shopping platform. With “Trendy Beat,” TikTok is positioning itself as a formidable contender in the realm of social commerce.

The company’s vision is to transform the app into a one-stop destination where users can not only create and consume captivating content but also seamlessly transition from inspiration to purchase. By bridging the gap between entertainment and e-commerce, TikTok aims to revolutionize the way we shop, making it more fun, immersive, and accessible to all.


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Nandika Chand