YouTube Ups Incentive for Advertisers to Use Shorts and Drive Monetization

Seeing the boom in short-form video segments, YouTube is set to use it to its advantage by incentivizing it for advertisers and driving the platform’s monetization. YouTube announced new ways to introduce Shorts into awareness campaigns to reach highly engaged audiences.

The platform is expanding Shorts into Video reach campaigns, which use Google AI to serve the best combination of ads and improve their reach and efficiency on YouTube. YouTube is also adding In-feed video ads to Video reach campaigns to bring more opportunities to connect with the audience across YouTube.

Moreover, YouTube Select helps advertisers surround the most popular content on the platform, all in a brand-suitable environment. It is bringing the same technology that powers YouTube Select to Shorts, allowing brands to reach 1.5 billion logged-in monthly Shorts users. This technology ensures that ads appear alongside the most popular and relevant videos in viewers’ Shorts feed so the brand can stay top-of-mind as users scroll through their latest videos.

YouTube says that with the new First Position on Shorts, piloting across YouTube Select, advertisers can also breakthrough at the start of a viewing session. “When a viewer opens YouTube Shorts and starts watching, your ad is the first one they will see. This lets you land a strong first impression in a highly immersive environment.”

The platform revealed that Paramount+ was among the first to test the latest version of video reach campaigns as an early partner. It relied on YouTube’s in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts ad experiences to promote the streaming platform’s new movie At Midnight. Results included higher efficiencies and higher ad recall when compared to in-stream ads alone.