Cadbury Bournvita’s #FaithNotForce campaign: A ‘forced’ attempt towards a bright future

The #FaithNotForce campaign has been launched by Cadbury Bournvita to encourage parents to recognize their children’s talents rather than forcing them into a specific career path. The campaign is the brainchild and creation of Ogilvy Mumbai.  According to the company, they are collaborating with Star Bazaar to display jars in select stores and capture shoppers’ reactions instantly.

The idea is to shock customers when they see these strange-looking packs in the Bournvita jar in shopping aisles and on the company’s direct-to-consumer website. This will help them see a connection to situations in which children are also forced to follow a predetermined path that may work for others but may not be true to the individual potential of the child.

The company claims that the campaign is supported by a high-decibel 360-degree marketing campaign which includes print activations, partnerships with leading social media platforms, and influencer engagement.


Kainaz Karmakar – Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India stated that the “Forced Packs” campaign aims to surprise individuals. “A ketchup bottle containing Bournvita is a strange thing, and it should make parents think that no one should try to make their kids do things they’re not supposed to do.”

The campaign will be featured on the parenting section of the brand’s website (, which will anchor progressive and holistic discussions on parenting for children during their formative years and feature inspiring stories about letting kids pursue their preferred career choices.