Audi UK Shows Innovation and Breakthrough in Campaign Featuring Jorja Smith

Audi UK in its latest campaign “Living Progress” has brought its pioneering approach to electric vehicle leadership to life. Featuring acclaimed BRIT-award-winning singer Jorja Smith, Audi UK showcases its innovation and progress.

Living Progress highlights Jorja Smith’s career progression, and explores how she forged her own progressive path as an artist and musician. The campaign also emphasizes the congruence of Jorja’s values and Audi’s “Living Progress” brand narrative.

Tony Moore, Head of Marketing Audi UK, said Jorja Smith’s incredible passion and commitment to progress is something they absolutely share. “Just like Audi, she’s not content to rest but is determined to continue to keep striving. As we continue to push boundaries in electric mobility, there is no one better to tell a credible story of progress for a UK audience than Jorja. Whether you’re designing for the future of electric mobility, or creating beautiful, artistically fulfilling music, it’s the restless, progressive mindset that leads to innovation.”

Jorja Smith is attracted to things if they make her feel. “It’s the same with design. So when I think of Audi, I think of moving forwards, I think confidence, tasteful. Working with Audi just made sense,” she revealed.

Felipe Guimaraes, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH, said Jorja Smith’s pioneering spirit was a perfect match for Audi. “Her journey as a musician echoes Audi’s values when it comes to progress, making this collaboration sing.”


Audi UK’s partnership with the acclaimed singer and songwriter compliments the brand’s global approach that uses storytellers like Stella McCartney, Janelle Monae, and Tom Hardy to bring the “Living Progress” narrative alive. It enhances Audi’s EV leadership strategy with stories of personal progress.

The campaign draws parallels between pivotal moments in Jorja Smith’s artistic life while she’s driving an Audi RS e-tron GT. Audi shows how the singer’s spirit of ambition mirrors their own drive for innovation.

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