Driving Change: BMW’s ‘Forces of Nature’ Campaign Pioneers Sustainability and Electric Luxury

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into their marketing strategies. BMW Canada‘s recent successful advertising campaign, Forces of Nature, is a prime example of how sustainability-themed campaigns can exceed performance goals and draw interest from luxury consumers. Let’s explore the innovative approach, successful results, and growing trend of sustainability in luxury.

A Sustainable Advertising Success Story

The Forces of Nature campaign, which features innovators using technology for sustainable purposes, was released in Canada last fall. The campaign targeted an audience interested in sustainability, smart technology, and electric luxury vehicles. It achieved an impressive 82% video completion rate, exceeding performance goals by 26%. 

The media buy was optimized toward sites with low emissions and those with emissions-reducing direct supply paths with help from Media Experts and Sharethrough. Sharethrough’s GreenPMPs solution, developed in partnership with Scope3, played a crucial role in reducing and compensating for emissions generated through the delivery of BMW ads. This approach allowed BMW to decrease carbon emissions and compensate for them at a level equivalent to fully charging 89,000 smartphones or 162,000 grocery plastic bags. 

The Role of GreenPMPs in Sustainable Advertising and Carbon Emission Reduction

GreenPMPs is a part of Sharethrough’s initiative to decarbonize digital advertising with Green Media Products and align with BMW’s mission to make sustainability a part of its core strategy. GreenPMPs offers media with net-zero carbon emissions, which is an industry-first solution. Sharethrough optimized sites with low emissions and only ran BMW ads on sites with direct supply paths, which reduces emissions caused by any intermediaries. Through their partnership with Scope3, Sharethrough then measured and compensated for the carbon emissions of all impressions.

Environmental concerns are being addressed in a number of ways throughout the advertising industry. Ad Net Zero is a program that aims to cut the industry’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2030. BMW’s partner on the campaign, Sharethrough, reports that more than 7,000 brands have delivered carbon-neutral campaigns using its GreenPMPs solution developed with Scope3. IPG Mediabrands has also partnered with Scope3 to help reduce the environmental impact of its clients’ advertising across the globe. 

Driving Sustainability to New Heights

BMW Canada’s Forces of Nature campaign exemplifies the potential of sustainability-themed advertising in achieving remarkable results while reducing carbon emissions. By partnering with Sharethrough and leveraging GreenPMPs, BMW Canada showcased its commitment to sustainability and engaged an audience passionate about smart technology, sustainability, and electric luxury vehicles. The success of this campaign serves as a testament to the growing interest in sustainability within the luxury market and the industry-wide efforts to address environmental concerns in advertising.

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Hasin Hamza