Born to Cross Boundaries: American Tourister Launches New Campaign with Virat Kohli

American Tourister, in partnership with cricket star Virat Kohli, is encouraging travelers to unleash their adventurous side and overcome all inhibitions. The latest campaignBorn to Cross Boundaries” challenges people to embrace their unexplored side.

It pushes the audience on a journey that goes beyond their comfort zones and pushes past their personal boundaries. At the heart of this campaign is the American Tourister luggage that is built to celebrate the spirit of a true traveler, who is willing to explore and have fun when traveling across the world.

Jai Krishnan, CEO of Samsonite India, said American Tourister is truly a global, international, and inspirational brand. He believes it goes beyond only recognizing the necessity for luggage that can facilitate travel. “It inspires individuals to seek out experiences rather than the conventional tourist activity of sight-seeing. This campaign really brings to life this facet of American Tourister.” Krishnan said that American Tourister, as a brand, is designed to honor the spirit of pushing boundaries and crossing fear.

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Anushree Tainwala, Executive Director – Marketing, said the brand wants to push people to overcome their own limitations. He shared that the film along with Virat Kohli showcases an exploratory and fun attitude, convincing people to push their limits and cross their boundaries wherever they are traveling in the world.

Raj Kamble, Chief Creative Officer of Famous Innovations, said the Born to Cross Boundaries campaign celebrates the emerging culture of going beyond tried and tested things by pushing the limits and experiencing new things. “It’s a call to action to step out of your comfort zone. We’re thrilled to have worked with Virat Kohli and American Tourister to create such an impactful campaign.”

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The advert shows colossal mountains, oceans, and new cultures. It has a whiff of adventure. The campaign has Virat Kohli plunging into freezing water, bungee jumping from bridges and skillfully playing the Alpine Horn. The Indian international cricketer also dons a skirt – a cultural Scottish outfit. Kohli displays his fearless and exuberant spirit. Basically, the campaign is about individuals pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and personal boundaries to celebrate their wilderness.

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Nandika Chand