Breaking the Ice: Doublemint’s Playful Campaign to #StartSomethingFresh

Doublemint, India’s leading gum and mint brand, has launched an uplifting new campaign encouraging people to start real conversations and form meaningful connections beyond the digital world. The campaign film titled ‘Start Something Fresh’ builds on Doublemint’s brand positioning of the same name. Let’s have a look into the details of Doublemint’s campaign and how it highlights the refreshing and fulfilling experience of meeting someone in person.

Rediscovering Real Connections in a Digital Age

Digital connectivity has become second nature in today’s world, while face-to-face interactions are becoming rarer, especially among young adults. Doublemint’s campaign aims to show how refreshing and rewarding real-life connections can be. The fun and playful campaign film and music capture the excitement of meeting someone new in person, getting to know them, and starting an engaging conversation.

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Captivating the Essence of Connection

The ad film, created by DDB Tribal captures the excitement and playfulness of connecting with someone new and getting to know them. The visuals and music evoke a sense of freshness and highlight the brand’s commitment to helping people gain the confidence to break the ice and start something fresh. Doublemint aims to inspire young adults to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the richness of real-life connections.


Varun Kandhari, Marketing Director of Mars Wrigley India which produces Doublemint, shared “Through this ad, our primary goal was to foster new connections among the youth. We build upon our brand ideology of ‘Start Something Fresh’ to present a captivating story that embraces the essence of Doublemint.” The cool, fresh feeling of Doublemint gum is used as a visual metaphor for the connections formed through spontaneous interactions and conversations in the campaign.

A Fresh Start

The new campaign aims to spark confidence in people to start new connections in an authentic way. Doublemint is taking their message into the digital space with engaging content across platforms to continue spreading the spirit of forging new bonds in person. According to Iraj Fraz, Head of Creative at DDB Tribal:

Doublemint exists to create new connections. So, here’s a fresh story to take forward Doublemint’s platform of “Start something fresh”, where a connection is made through a visual device of the cool breath that comes out when you’ve had Doublemint. The song, the geography, the jokes, the casting have just all come together to form a charming film. The campaign will continue digitally, using the visual device of Doublemint’s cool condensation.

Final Take

Doublemint’s ‘Start Something Fresh’ campaign will inspire people to start real conversations that can lead to new friendships and relationships beyond the online world. An authentic smile, laugh or bond between two people coming together in person is truly refreshing. Doublemint’s message encourages us all to break the ice more often, start something fresh and make real connections. Overall, it is an uplifting campaign with a message that resonates especially for younger generations living life on both sides of the screen.

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