Cat Says Wow to Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

Samsung Electronics has rolled out a new ad for its flagship TV. It features a man and his cat enjoying the crisp picture and sound quality of the Neo QLED 8K TV – the best TV for everyday entertainment.

The campaign draws on the fun factor and feels good. Samsung and BBH Singapore bring viewers on a light-hearted and visually spectacular journey that shows how the best TV in the business can surprise even the grouchiest cat – Bebo.

The video starts with Bebo the cat at the balcony watching a brand –new Neo QLED 8K being delivered. The cat reacts with a ‘WOW’. The owner is unsure of what has so impressed Bebo, and so he embarks on a series of increasingly elaborate and desperate attempts hoping to make the cat say ‘WOW’ again. Nothing works and the man is about to give up. But then he switches on the Neo QLED 8K.

This campaign was the creative works of Immigrant Studio with director Rodrigo Saavedra. The agency revealed that getting the final ‘WOW’ right was not easy. It took them around 30 takes from the voice actors to land on the right ‘WOW’.

Samsung Neo QLED
Source Samsung

Hyun Min Chun, Head of IMC at Samsung Electronics, said the Neo QLED 8K sells itself, all one has to do is experience it. He said the sheer confidence in Samsung Electronics innovation became their communication strategy. Chun said if the world’s toughest critic can’t help but be impressed by the experience. Moreover, it echoes the team’s understanding that the never-ending exaggeration of the man’s efforts is key to building up to the WOW, reveal of the TV.