Duolingo English Test’s Impactful Campaign for Affordable and Convenient Testing

Duolingo English Test (DET) has recently unveiled a captivating ad campaign titled ‘A Bridge to Opportunity: Study Abroad with the Duolingo English Test ‘ This film showcases the inspiring journeys of 16 real students and highlights how DET is revolutionizing the study abroad experience. By providing an affordable, accessible, and stress-free alternative to traditional English proficiency tests, DET is bridging the gap for students who aspire to fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education abroad.

Empowering Dreams

The Role of the Duolingo English Test The Duolingo English Test has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of English proficiency testing. Unlike its costly and intimidating counterparts, DET offers students a convenient and affordable option to demonstrate their language skills. Through the brand film, the stories of these 16 remarkable students unfold, revealing how DET has become their gateway to studying abroad and unlocking endless opportunities.

A Global Perspective

Showcasing Lives of Ambitious Students Produced by the renowned Pittsburgh-based agency, Animal Studios, the brand film takes viewers on a captivating journey across four countries. Shot in India, Japan, UK, China, Syria, Germany, Indonesia, Columbia, Singapore, and more, the film captures the diverse experiences of the featured students as they navigate life at their dream universities. This global perspective showcases the transformative power of higher education and the profound impact of DET in making these dreams a reality.

According to Caroline Moylan, Marketing Manager, Brand Experience, Duolingo English Test, “Testing should be a bridge, not a barrier. The work we do at Duolingo English Test helps open up access to higher education and give the world’s most brilliant and talented young people a chance.

Danny Yourd, Director at Animal Studio, who produced the film, said, “We were happy to work with the team to be able to produce this piece that’s close to our hearts.


Final Take

The Duolingo English Test’s ad film, “A Bridge to Opportunity: Study Abroad with the Duolingo English Test,” stands as a testament to the transformative power of education. Through the stories of 16 real students from diverse backgrounds, this film showcases how DET has shattered the barriers that once stood between students and their dreams of studying abroad. With its affordable and accessible approach, DET has become a catalyst for change, empowering students to pursue higher education on a global scale.