Hartz Goes Beyond One-Dimensional Pet Ownership with ‘Unconditional Love’ Campaign

Petcare brand, Hartz recently launched an all-new brand platform and national campaign. The platform, titled ‘Unconditional Love’, captures the deep connection between pet families and their cats and dogs. The campaign provides intimate glimpses into both the challenges and rewards of pet ownership through a series of short spots.

Embracing the Shared Life of Pet Families

The campaign and the brand platform – both made in collaboration with the creative and media agency ‘Cutwater‘ were created with their own unique objectives. The brand platform, titled ‘Unconditional Love,’ celebrates the special bond between pets and their owners, emphasizing the physical and emotional intertwinement that exists in happy and healthy homes. The campaign showcases authentic glimpses into the joys and challenges of pet ownership.

The ‘Unconditional Love’ brand platform acknowledges the deep connection between pet families and their four-legged friends. Pet ownership goes beyond the physical presence of a pet in a household; it encompasses emotional intertwinement and the creation of happy and healthy homes. Hartz recognizes and celebrates the multifaceted nature of this relationship, including the joys, challenges, and rewards of pet parenthood. The campaign offers authentic glimpses into the lives of pet families, providing a window into the unique experiences they share.


No Fleas, Just Bees

The first phase of the campaign spotlights Hartz’s trusted flea and tick products. “The Talk” highlights an often overlooked part of protection: comfort. The spot features pet parents discussing how UltraGuard ProMax collars keep pets not only safe but also comfortable. “All Bees, No Fleas” focuses on plant-based ingredients and shows pet owner and dog bonding thanks to the natural flea and tick protection of Nature’s Shield.

Celebrating the Whole Experience of Pet Parenthood

Petcare is one of the most exciting industries to be a part of, but the problem is that most companies only spotlight pet ownership as one-dimensional during communications efforts,” said Hartz CMO, Tina LeLay. “ ‘Unconditional love’ embraces the whole experience of pet families, even the challenging moments.” By capturing the ups and downs of life with pets, the new brand platform creates an authentic connection with pet parents.

Nationwide Campaign and Future Initiatives

The campaign will run nationwide across digital, social, display and search. Future creative will highlight dog pads, a social good initiative and more. By embracing both the rewards and responsibilities of pet ownership, Hartz’s new brand platform promises to be there through it all.  Additionally, Hartz has exciting plans for the next wave of creative. This includes campaigns for Home Protection Dog Pads, emphasizing a clean and comfortable environment for pets, as well as a social good initiative called Hartz Loving Paws, which aims to make a positive impact in the pet community.

Final Take

With the launch of their “Unconditional Love” brand platform, Hartz demonstrates its dedication to pet families and their well-being. By focusing on the shared life between pets and their owners, Hartz aims to provide products that protect and enhance the bond between them. Through their flea and tick offerings and upcoming initiatives, Hartz continues to be a trusted companion in the journey of pet parenthood. To explore Hartz’s range of petcare products, including those featured in the campaign, you can find them both in-store and online.

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Hasin Hamza