Hip-Hop and Refreshment Collide: Sprite’s Summer Campaign Takes the Stage

Sprite is paying homage to hip-hop’s 50th anniversary in an unconventional way. The beverage brand recently launched Sprite Lemonade Legacy, a new limited-edition flavor mashing up lemon-lime and lemonade with a splash of strawberry, and is sponsoring Drake’s summer tour. But the nostalgia doesn’t stop there.   

A Sweet Trip Down Memory Lane  

Sprite tapped iconic hip-hop artists like Nas, Rakim, Latto, and GloRilla to star in a reimagined version of ‘Rapper’s Delight’ by The Sugarhill Gang. The ad will run on TV, streaming services, online, and in movie theaters, catering to all generations of hip-hop fans.  

Source: www.sprite.com

Hundreds of Drops and Exclusive Merch 

Over the summer, Sprite is releasing ‘Summer of Drops’ where fans can win hip-hop-inspired prizes. By scanning QR codes on Sprite Lemonade Legacy and original Sprite cans, you’re entered to win merch like signed Polaroids, mics, and t-shirts, as well as once-in-a-lifetime experiences like meeting Drake or winning a lifetime pass to Rolling Loud. Some drops feature behind-the-scenes content with Latto and Rakim.

The nostalgic campaign hits all the right notes, reminding us why hip-hop and Sprite are such an iconic match. Sprite’s ode to hip hop’s golden age with a modern twist is sure to quench your thirst for memories this summer.


Sprite’s summer campaign is a celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, featuring a new flavor twist, Sprite Lymonade Legacy, and the Summer of Drops initiative. Fans can engage with the drops and have the chance to win access to exclusive content, merchandise, and event experiences. Sprite’s partnership with hip-hop stars Nas, Rakim, Latto, and GlorRilla and its sponsorship of Drake’s ‘It’s All A Blur’ summer tour make it a must-try for hip-hop and Sprite fans alike.


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Hasin Hamza