‘In My Legoland’ Effective Ad Campaign 2023 Sparks Off Kids’ Imagination in a Different Way

Legoland recently launched a successful TV campaign “In My Legoland” that ignited children’s imagination with fun, bright imagery and various brand assets from Lego. The ad brings Lego pieces to life.

It highlights a child imagining his family’s various experiences as places and adventures he’s built himself. “In my Legoland, I ride on a dragon and its breath would melt the clouds!” he says. The kid dreams up something new in every new activity.

Legoland emphasizes that “In My Legoland” language isn’t just for a limited-time promo or season. He outlined it as a company-wide adjustment in how it will communicate about its destinations for years to come. The TV ad is part of Legoland’s wider campaign to put the land back in Legoland and build a platform centered around children’s imagination. Gary Fawcett, executive director at TBWA\MCR, the advertising agency behind ‘In My Legoland’, said the campaign can demonstrate how each attraction sets off kids’ imagination in a very different way each time.

Lynne Deason, Kantar UK’s head of creative excellence, said the ad could have just shown a family or families enjoying Legoland resort, but instead, the story brings the experience of enjoying Legoland to life in a way that is authentic to the values of the brand. “It’s highly creative, imaginative, fun, and exciting.” She explained that Kantar used facial tracking to assess how the public’s initial emotional reaction unfolded during the 60-second TV ad. “It captured moments of surprise, sentimentality, and smiles as the advert unfolded, depicting the child’s adventure.”

Deason noted that music plays a key role in the ad, adding to the sense of adventure and helping the ad be rated in the top third of UK ads for enjoyment. Moreover, Kantar highlighted that people are likely to take away feelings of excitement, fun, creativity, and imagination intuitively having watched the ad.

This means that where imagination builds and build does a good job of conveying its crucial messages without having to blatantly spell it out. The agency says the ad is an example of one which delivers strong long-term and short-term returns.

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