Lego’s ‘Dreamzzz’ YouTube Series Launches with Anamorphic Billboards in Major Cities

Lego has brought to life their new YouTube series – Dreamzzz, launching a global marketing campaign featuring larger-than-life characters from the show in an incredibly creative manner. Three major cities, London, New York and Tokyo, have been overrun with anamorphic billboards of various Lego characters, such as giant flying cat owl, Zian, the epic Crocodile Car and the green slimy sidekick Z-Blob. This innovative campaign has been produced by a collaborative creative effort between Lego’s in-house team, Our Lego Agency, Amplify, and Inertia Studios.

Lego Dreams Come True with ‘Dreamzzz’

The Dreamzzz series welcomes children into a world of inspiration and imagination where they can bring their dreams to fruition. Consisting of ten episodes, the show aims to encourage kids to unlock their creative potential while showcasing a range of toys that bring their wildest dreams to life. With Netflix now picking up the series in select regions, the hype around Dreamzzz has seen a surge in recent weeks.

Billboards: A Proven Way to Increase Brand Awareness

Lego’s clever use of anamorphic technology on the billboards, placed in busy cities, presents a perfect opportunity for the brand to be noticed and make a lasting impression on passers-by. With the help of Amplify and Inertia Studios, the toy giant has managed to create a colorful, imaginative campaign that resonates with people of all ages.

Brand Collaboration: A Recipe for Success

Lego, never one to shy away from innovation, has joined forces with creative agencies Amplify and Inertia Studios. Together, they have orchestrated a marketing campaign that breaks away from the confines of traditional advertising. This collaborative approach has proven to be a recipe for success. Lego has managed to ignite a sense of excitement within its target audience by creating a visually mesmerizing and captivating campaign in the lead-up to the worldwide launch of the ‘Dreamzzz’ series.

In a Nutshell, Lego’s latest venture to promote the ‘Dreamzzz’ series has taken the world by storm. Through the medium of awe-inspiring 3D billboards, strategically placed in three major cities around the globe, Lego has transcended the boundaries of ordinary marketing. The creative minds behind Lego’s in-house team, Our Lego Agency, in collaboration with Amplify and Inertia Studios, have concocted an imaginative and unforgettable campaign. The aim is to empower children to dream big, encouraging them to create their own world of endless possibilities. As the show and ad campaign launch, there is no doubt that curiosity and interest will be ignited, propelling Lego’s brand to even greater heights.

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Hasin Hamza