Let’s Talk Credit Scores: WesBanco’s Campaign Puts a Twist on Serious Money Advice

WesBanco, a leading financial services company, is focused on helping people make informed decisions about their finances. Their latest ad campaign takes a playful approach to serious money matters. With playful twists on serious money tips, the commercials aim to get people thinking about healthy money management.

Taking a Real-World Gamified Approach

The two spots, ‘Let’s Talk Credit Scores’ and ‘Let’s Talk Tomorrow,’ are directed by Kaboom‘s Dave Garcia. The director/editor’s experience brings a unique creative viewpoint and expertise to the project. The commercials take a real-world gamified approach to money management, making it more accessible and approachable.

Efficient Production and Creative Diversity

During the one-day, one-location shoot in Austin, Dave efficiently captured the best performances and various environments, with Kaboom’s production acumen. The resulting vignettes demystify money matters with an approachable style. This embodies WesBanco’s award-winning service and tools that can help transform the spending, saving, and investing mindsets of people.

Let’s Talk Credit Scores

Credit scores are an important aspect of every individual’s financial life. The WesBanco commercial ‘Let’s Talk Credit Scores’ offers a playful take on the subject. The gamified approach takes viewers on a journey where they need to dodge various obstacles and pitfalls to protect their credit scores. The commercial makes the subject more approachable and helps people understand the importance of credit scores.

Let’s Talk Tomorrow

The ‘Let’s Talk Tomorrow’ spot uses a gamified approach to encourage people to think about their future financial goals. The playful commercial features people juggling phrases that represent different financial goals. The objective is to make the correct combinations to successfully align short-term and long-term objectives. The commercial offers a playful take on the subject and helps people understand the importance of planning for the future.

Sage Advice and Relatable Experiences

The campaign’s third commercial showcases real people sharing sage advice and personal stories that are heartwarming, funny, and even poignant. Through these relatable experiences, WesBanco connects with its audience on an emotional level, emphasizing the importance of transforming one’s money mindset. The vignettes highlight WesBanco’s award-winning service and tools, demonstrating how their offerings can help individuals improve their financial well-being.

Efficient Production and Creative Diversity

Director and editor Dave Garcia, along with kaboom’s production expertise, ensured an efficient yet diverse shooting process. With their combined skills, they captured the best performances and various environments during a one-day, one-location shoot in Austin. This approach allowed WesBanco to deliver compelling content that demystifies money matters while maintaining an approachable style.

Final Take

WesBanco’s latest campaign is an innovative approach to financial education. The playful approach to money management helps viewers understand complex topics more easily. The commercials’ creative diversity, combined with efficient production, delivers an approachable style that embodies WesBanco’s award-winning service and tools. With the help of these playful tips, people can learn how to manage their money better and achieve their financial goals.

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Hasin Hamza