Little Changes Change Everything: National Highways Strives to Make Motorway Journeys Safer

National Highways UK has embarked on a campaign ‘Little Changes Change Everything’, urging motorists to make little changes when they drive. The company partnered with FCB London, a creative agency, to design its ambitious campaign.

National Highways said ‘Little Changes Change Everything’ inspires drivers to adopt safer and more conscientious attitude on the roads. Alison Holliday, National Highways head of marketing and events, highlighted that some drivers don’t always think as much about other drivers on the road. “But we know that tailgating and lane hogging is very frustrating for drivers and dangerous. Our campaign shows that all it takes is making some small changes to your driving behavior to make motorway journeys safer and less stressful for everyone.”

Owen Lee, FCB London’s chief creative officer, said the new campaign emphasizes the benefits of good motorway driving behavior. “Through music, we tell the story of Darren, a driver feeling empowered to drive in a way that changes his and everyone else’s motorway driving experience for the better.”

National Highways said the hero creative is based on two key aspects – that drivers should stick to the left lane unless overtaking and they should stick to the two-second rule at all times.

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Nandika Chand