Blooming Anew: How Interflora ‘Say More’ Through Its New Campaign and Identity?

Interflora, the iconic British floral delivery network, has recently unveiled a bold new brand identity and advertising campaign, marking a significant milestone in its century-long journey. With a keen eye on staying relevant and engaging with younger audiences, the renowned floral giant has undergone a comprehensive rebranding process. Let’s explore more about their exciting campaign and rebrand and figure out how they ‘say more’.


Revitalizing a Beloved Brand

From its humble beginnings in 1920, Interflora has grown from a local florists’ network to an international powerhouse, with over 58,000 affiliated shops globally. Its slogan, ‘Say it with Flowers’, has resonated through generations, but the digital era demands a fresh approach to stay relevant. That is why, after extensive customer research and a thorough evaluation, of the fast-changing market landscape, Interflora recognized the need to breathe new life into its century-old brand. Collaborating with Calling, a Peckham-based creative collective, Interflora embarked on a strategic journey to reposition itself as a vibrant and contemporary brand, while staying true to its essence.


Reigniting Connection

At the heart of Interflora’s rebranding efforts lies the ‘Say More’ platform, a carefully crafted strategy aimed at aligning all consumer communications and activities under a cohesive umbrella. This platform addresses the brand’s challenges and communicates its unique value proposition, resonating with audiences in a meaningful way.


A Fresh Visual Identity for a New Era

One of the most striking aspects of the rebranding is the introduction of a new visual identity, meticulously designed to resonate with younger, design-savvy audiences. This comprehensive overhaul encompasses a refreshed color palette, a revitalized Mercury logo, and reimagined typography, creating a fresh, bold, and contemporary look that stands out in a crowded marketplace.


Celebrating Human Connection

To complement the new brand platform, Calling has created a powerful advertising campaign for Interflora, aptly titled ‘Say More’. This campaign, Interflora’s first major advertising push in four years, features an anthemic TV commercial and impactful out-of-home (OOH) advertising, supported by in-house digital and social media initiatives.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a 60-second film that follows a cast of intertwined characters navigating the complexities of life, from joy to grief, family ties to heartbreak, and reconciliation. These moments of emotional depth are witnessed by the hand-made flowers that helped bring them about, underscoring the profound and powerful need for human connection in a technologically advanced yet increasingly isolated world.

Rekindling Importance

As Interflora embarks on this transformative journey, the brand’s leadership and creative partners are confident in their ability to rekindle the brand’s importance in the lives of the British public. With a message as timeless as the art of floral arrangements, Interflora’s ‘Say More’ campaign reminds us that beneath the digital noise, there exists a profound need for genuine human connection – a need that Interflora has been fulfilling for over a century.

Interflora brand identity rebrand
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Interflora’s journey from its early days as a member of the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association to its current status as a globally recognized flower delivery network is a testament to its adaptability and commitment to remaining relevant in a fast-changing market. With its brand revitalization efforts and the “Say More” campaign, Interflora continues to connect people at a profound and human level, reminding us of the power of thoughtful gestures and emotional connections in our digital age.

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