L’Oreal Paris Celebrates Failures with ‘Worth It Resume’, Creates New Definition of Success

L’Oreal Paris, a brand that champions women’s empowerment, has taken its ‘Because You’re Worth It’ a step further with its latest campaign ‘Worth It Resume’. It focuses on professional success and failure and encourages women to become entrepreneurs without fear of failure.

Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, global brand president for L’Oreal Paris, said the brand has been relentless in its dedication to breaking down barriers that prevent women from asserting their self-worth. “Inspired by the brand’s iconic tagline ‘Because I’m Worth It’, whose mission is to value self-confidence and give every woman the power to express their worth, the ‘Worth It Resume’ aims to create a new definition of success.”

L’Oreal Paris partnered with creative agency McCann Paris for its latest campaign, which features leading women – Eva Longoria, Andie MacDowell, Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, Aja Naomi King, and Kate Winslet, among others – from around the world. On Instagram, the French personal care brand said its opening up the conversation about failure where everyone is talking about success on LinkedIn. “Failures are never a dead end; they’re just a stepping stone to success.”

Charlotte Franceries, president and global business leader for L’Oreal, McCann Paris, said they want to change the narrative around failure, especially in the workplace. “Whether you’re winning or losing, you’re worth it, and what you once thought was your worst defeat might actually lead you to your biggest win.”

Eva Longoria, an American actor best known for Desperate Housewives and director, said she is proud to partner with L’Oreal Paris to help empower women to embrace risks and pursue their goals without the fear of failure holding them back. “As a woman, I have experienced the immense sense of pressure to be perfect, but I have found that you have to step out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with hitting a few roadblocks on the journey to success. My hope in sharing my own failures in my ‘Worth It Resume’ is to help women around the world redefine how they view success by inspiring them to celebrate the setbacks, the failures, and the struggles that may ultimately lead them to their achievements.”

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