Acne Studios Collaborates With Frederic Malle to Launch First Fragrance

Swedish fashion label Acne Studios is set to launch its first perfume, a fragrance concocted with Frederic Malle, on April 17.

Jonny Johansson, the founder and artistic director of Acne Studios, said Frederic Malle manages to combine the classic and the avant-garde perfectly. “For him, creativity always comes first. Nothing is dictated by marketing, simply by the desire to do beautiful things.”

Frederic Malle roped in perfumer Suzy Le Helley to create the fragrance. Le Helley highlighted that this was her first major solo launch. “I salute Frederic Malle’s boldness and confidence in entrusting such a project to a young designer.” Johansson said Le Helley’s accord was just the most interesting route from all aspects. “I really adore what Frederic does and how he’s been promoting the noses.”

Acne Studios launches first fragrance with Frédéric Malle

He pointed out that it had to be light, fresh, and crispy. “But without being citrus and sporty. This sort of kitschy, slight softener touch to the classical foundation was related to fashion and also to something very comfortable and secure that still would feel new, as I really love.” Malle believes fabric softeners have their own classical roots. “What people don’t know is that many of those fabric-softener scents are inspired by classic French perfumery.”

An official statement by Acne Studios stated that Acne Studios par Frederic Malle marks the meeting between two icons of fashion and perfume. “This revolutionary collaboration aims to conquer a new target of consumers, aiming above all at Generation Z, lovers of fashion and design.”

It said Acne Studios par Frederic Malle is much more than a perfume – it is an olfactory work of art that celebrates the meeting between fashion and perfume, between craftsmanship and innovation. It offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, Acne Studios by Frederic Malle kicks off the brand’s design language with a sleek, modern bottle design that the contemporary bottle lover will love. The joint logo, Frederic Malle and Acne Studios, adorns the top of the black, circular cap in gold font.

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