Wrangler Steps into Fragrance Domain, Launches New Cologne and Perfume

Wrangler, a denim and western apparel brand, has launched a new original cologne and perfume in collaboration with Tru Western. This new line of fragrance is carefully crafted to embody the rugged confidence and bold spirit of the American cowboy.

Jenni Broyles, senior vice-president of Wrangler, believes what we wear, clothing or fragrance, has a tremendous influence on our mentality and mood. “In collaborating with Tru Western, we wanted to create an original fragrance that transcends time and season to capture a scent that transports you to the beautiful, great expanse of the American West.”

Tru Western, established in 1969, continues to build on its commitment to quality while honoring authentic Western style through signature fragrances. Wrangler stands unwavering as a denim icon, making jeans “by cowboys for cowboys” since 1947 and leading the way in a classic, confident western-inspired style.

Wrangler Perfume | Fragrance
Image Source truwesterncom

Wrangler and Tru Western’s partnership for the new cologne and perfume manifests unmatched craftsmanship for consumers. Jake Nagle, vice president of brand growth at Tru Western, said fashion, luxury, and fragrance categories will be forever influenced and inspired by the Western lifestyle and the real cowboys of the American West. “It is an honor to translate such an iconic brand like Wrangler into a fragrance. Together, with our fragrance house partner, Firmenich, we’ve created two iconic year-round scents for consumers living the authentic Western lifestyle as well as those who are simply inspired by it.”

The Wrangler Original Cologne for men features bright citrus and rough-cut cinnamon threaded with wild lavender, cardamom herb, and warm resins to create a masculine and quintessentially cowboy scent. The Wrangler Original Perfume for Women mixes notes of sun-ripened blackberry, juicy pear, and wild blooms infused with a soft musk to create an effortless fragrance.

Its exceptional packaging is an ode to the earliest cowboys who wore Wrangler denim. Furthermore, the brand’s signature 13MWZ and 14MWZ ‘Cowboy Cut’ Jeans with denim distressing and debossed on each carbon, and the internal box is adorned with vintage Wrangler bandana artwork.

The iconic ‘W’ stitching is embedded on each glass bottle, capped with a copper finish and branded button imprint.

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