Regeneration Rising Trends: Brands Seek to Convey Instinctive Messages

Regeneration Rising has emerged as a key trend in the food and drink sector. It’s about conscious consumption, sustainability, and clean creation. Brands are moving towards regeneration to reach out to Gen Z.

Ernst & Young (EY) describes regeneration as a concept that addresses challenges comprehensively and provides CEOs and business leaders with a new framework for creating and protecting long-term value. It aligns the organization with new value drivers, encourages innovation, and builds the resilience of the company and its stakeholders.

The consultancy firm highlighted it completes system changes that address the root causes of global challenges – creating conditions for all life to thrive, and generating self-sustaining positive outcomes for nature, people, and the economy. Moreover, regeneration offers a bold vision of the future one needs to achieve, than the climate catastrophe one needs to avoid.

EXBERRY® | Natural food coloring from fruit and vegetables

GNT, popularly known for its product EXBERRY, says the regeneration rising trend is inspiring new color palettes as brands seek to convey instinctive messages about how their products are created. It said the use of visually impactful colors that can be found growing on land and in the sea helps manufacturers to showcase products’ eco-credentials and build emotional connections with consumers.

Regeneration Rising Trends: Brands Seek to Convey Instinctive Messages

Dieuwertje Raaijmakers, marketing communications specialist at GNT Group, said consumers of all ages are developing a much stronger interest in sustainability and rebuilding their relationships with the natural world. “To appeal to these shoppers, food and beverage companies have to showcase their commitment to the planet. Color can play an important role in telling that story, helping brands create appealing products that send out strong visual signals about how they’re produced.”

He explained their plant-based EXBERRY can be used to deliver a full spectrum of shades while supporting products’ sustainability credentials. “They allow brands to create products that tap into the new trends for earthly, rich, and dreamlike colors inspired by plants.”

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GNT creates its EXBERRY colors from fruits, vegetables, and plants, and is working toward a series of ambitious targets to optimize its environmental and social impacts at every stage of the value chain. GNT has identified three new color directions in line with the trend. “Elevated Earth” involves earthy shades from red-browns and warm oranges to textured purples and inky teals, elevating products with an organic but premium look and feel. “Nature Lab” is about pushing the boundaries of what is considered natural and features a kaleidoscopic spectrum of green, pink, red, yellow, orange, and blue. Finally, “Wholesome Nostalgia” features yellows, greens, blues, peaches, and pinks that range from velvet-like to milky, translucent, muted, and dreamlike.

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